How To: Secret Functions ASTRO File Manager On Android You Didn’t Know Yet [Part 2].

ES files explorer is a benchmark for user experience and usability of an app. I haven’t had a problem with es but it is a pain being offered to get my phone cleaned and those temp files just come back. You can`t just make these statements without explaining and backing them up with evidence. I use ES File Manager and yes the UI has changed somewhat but to state it`s ruined … that`s just not so in my opinion. It still provides me with great features, perhaps equally as good if not better than all your optional apps. It also has this very detailed properties view when you try to view the properties of a file or folder.

When you use the apps, they will create caches for reference later. But these caches are not necessary and they take up storage space on your Android. Clearing them out can free up the storage and also help with the app crashing issue.

Astro File Manager Brings Personalized Themes & Cloud Backup

It is not convenient to move multiple files to another folder as there’s no « Copy to » option to get it done directly. It comes with multiple features to help you master your phone. Analyze battery usage and monitor apps that drain power during use. You can switch between modes and pages to view the storage details. You can easily find what takes up space with this device storage analyzer.

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  • Having more apps will give a good Android experience as long as your smartphone hardware supports them.
  • MiXplorer is a file manager for Android that flies under the ASTRO File Manager download apk radar.
  • Some features include cloud storage service, bookmarking, file name sorting, root functions, directory history, multi-user and plugins, and more.

It has a nice interface that makes navigation clearer than some other file managers in the article. Again, you’ll be able to access internal storage and microSD storage and you can see the status of each of those at a glance on the Home screen of the app. It has quick shortcuts to bring you to your photos, videos, music and more and you can add more shortcuts in there too. Of course, there’s also access to your favorite cloud storage services, though File Commander currently only supports the more popular ones. ES File Explorer has been around for a long time and is a popular choice among Android users. Just like the two other file managers already mentioned, it will give you the basic file manager functions, such as moving, copying, transferring files between different storage locations.

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All I want is a file managing application, preferably astro file manager. Is there a way to get that on to my computer and then transfer it into my phone? I don’t think an .apk file of it will work, because a file managing application is needed to install it, and i currently have no file managing apps on my phone.

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